Saturday, February 9, 2013

Not knowing a job is not a sin, not learning is...

Not knowing is not a sin, but not learning is

I went to the Students Xerox shop near my house to take a print-out.

The person was busy and a new-comer was asked to do my job. Downloading,
formatting and taking print outs.

Unfortunately she did not know anything about formatting but was just pressing
a few keys here and there. The other person had to come to her rescue.

The shop manager scolded her saying that she, instead of learning the job
when no customers were around was listening to music and watching movies.

I advised her that it is no magic and that with some dedication and application she too would become an expert very soon.

One must have the itch to learn things.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Apt advertising.

When we advertise for something, we should think over what our target is and plan our advertising

A relative of mine recently purchased a flat and wanted to rent it out.

Usually I suggest to insert an advertisement in a prominent daily (not minding the expense). This would
result in a few people contacting and atleast one who would turn out to be our prospective tenant.

In this case I observed that the apartment itself was in a prominent place and lot of passers-by were
often looking at it eagerly.

So I told them to make a nice banner stating that an apartment is available for rent and the contact
phone number. The banner costed just Rs.300 as against a paper ad which would have costed atleast
Rs.1000 if not more.

Yes a few people did contact and a tenant was fixed within a couple of days.

Some people make out a small computer print out and stick it. I am not saying that this will not
be effective, but then, why not be bold and beautiful?

In business advertising one should be careful to chose the apt media depending upon the budget
and target audience.