Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Giving a quotation

One might say: Giving a quotation is such a simple thing. We do it so many times in a day!
Even in my sleep I can give a quotation for an air-conditioner...

But it is not true!!

One has to think deeply before giving a quotation:
(1) To whom are we giving the quotation.
(2) At what rate did we supply to the same party recently?
(3) What are our competitors likely to charge?
(4) Are they regular buyers?
(5) How was their payments done:   Very good / good / poor
(6) Distance of supply and installation locations (if known)

These are some of the things one has to give a thought and then only a
proper quotation can be given.

After giving the quotation frequent follow-up is necessary to know the

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Never talk about service - render it !

In the service business one should never talk about service. Rather he should try to render the
best possible service at all times.

A few days back a customer rang up about 7 pm in the night on an emergency. The cooler
had stopped working and they had Rs.10,000 plus food materials in it. The next day was a

A call was registered and help would reach within 24 hours. But that was not enough!

None of my technicians were available. I rang up a friend of mine having similar business.
His technician was 20 kms. away on a job.

I didn't give up. I rang up yet another friend. He readily obliged and asked me to send the
address by SMS and he would ask his technician to attend on the way back home.

Yes, within half-an hour a minor issue was set right and the machine started working again.

The friend gave a timely FEEDBACK. He rang me up and informed me that the issue was
sorted out.

You see, he has a PASSION for SERVICE.