Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sorry, you lost your credibility!

Sorry, you lost your credibility!
Yesterday we went to a famous jewellery shop in Mylapore with whom we have been doing business (though small ticket) for over three and a half decades.
The business has grown but the owner and his kith and kin are no longer taking a personal interest in their business as they used to.
After exchanging old silver for some new silver items I swiped my card three times upon their insistence. Soon three times the amount to be paid by me was debited in my account and I showed them the balance confirmation on my mobile.
But they said that they had not received any credit and that my account would soon be re-credited with the amounts. I agreed and told them I would come back after an hour to collect the items.
Within a short time my account was credited twice leaving the balance one time amount.
After some time I went back to the shop but still they said they had not got the money. They said I could pay cash and in case the amount is credited they would refund the money to me!!
I pointed out that no ATM is working and money does not fall from the sky!! Can't they believe a regular customer who has proved the payment and also they are holding three times the amount in their chit scheme? I had to raise hue and cry before they parted with the items for which they took unduly long time to assess the old value, calculate the new value and so on.
The said business had just lost its credibility!!
I would hesitate, rather desist from doing business with them.Would you?