Saturday, May 17, 2014

Humane approach vs avariciousness

Yesterday when I bought my newspaper and gave a tenner, I was given back a five rupee cu-ni regular coin of 2002.
I took that coin today to get my newspaper today, keeping in mind the vendor's difficulty in giving back coins.
But then, I noticed a girl asking for the Times of India newspaper with a five rupee commemorative coin in her hand!
I changed my mind (or did my mind change me?) and gave a ten rupee note and got a 5 Rs. MVD Shrine Board coin.
I wonder: Did I do the right thing?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Assorted air-conditioner??

A lady rang up and wanted to buy an air-conditioner which would be energy efficient.
She asked me if we can give buy-back offer.
I said: Yes.
I have an assorted air-conditioner which is working well but consumes lot of current.
Assorted? Oh, she meant assembled air-conditioner!!
I asked her how much current it consumes.
She says she is not sure. But she says it is cleaned once in every six months and gas charged...
I tried to explain her that she is being taken for a ride. How much you are charged for gas charging - it is not all necessary to periodically gas charge.
No she says. He brought a meter and checked and charged gas. He usually charges Rs.300 but when gas is charged it is Rs.400.
I wanted to help her and gave her a good price explaining the break-up.
AC so much, stabilizer so much and installation so much.
Why do you charge for installation. Can't you make it free?
I spoke to her for 15 minutes and explained A to Z.
She said she will come back............
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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Three common things - but better be sure!!

While selling an air-conditioner, better you make sure in the beginning of the discussions, that:

(1) Your customer is looking for a split or a window air-conditioner.

(2) Your customer knows that an inverter type air-conditioner will not work when there is no AC supply (will not work during power cut).

(3) A Slimline (tower) type air-conditioner is not a stand-alone type unit but is just like any other split and you have to run tubes connecting the indoor and outdoor units!!

Happy selling for hot summer just ahead of us!!!