Friday, March 24, 2017

Want good service? Choose your technician!!

I was talking to my neighbor yesterday.
He said that he called a technician to clean his split air-conditioner.
The technician came and asked for a whole lot of things, Ladder, soap powder, etc.
He just removed the filters and cleaned them with a tooth brush. He cleaned the front panel
of indoor unit with soap solution and demanded Rs.450. He left in about ten minutes.
My neighbor then called another technician who owns his shop nearby. He came and
for the same Rs.450 did a thorough job and left.
I told my friend: For all jobs you have to identify the right person. Hold on to him!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Test certificate....

A company in the power sector wanted to purchase a few air-conditioners.

This company has been asking me for quotes every now and then but till date they have
not purchased even one single unit.

While so, they again asked for two units and were in the verge of buying them. But then they
wanted to know if "Test certificates" can be furnished for the units!!

Test certificate? I know about these. As per BSS there are two types of tests: Type tests and routine
tests. Routine tests are fairly easy to conduct but type tests are cumbersome and expensive. In the past I have personally submitted motors (after rewinding) for routine tests in IIT Madras and Guindy Engineering College (Now Anna University).

Till now I have not seen a test certificate for a window or split air-conditioner.

Have you seen one?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sorry, you lost your credibility!

Sorry, you lost your credibility!
Yesterday we went to a famous jewellery shop in Mylapore with whom we have been doing business (though small ticket) for over three and a half decades.
The business has grown but the owner and his kith and kin are no longer taking a personal interest in their business as they used to.
After exchanging old silver for some new silver items I swiped my card three times upon their insistence. Soon three times the amount to be paid by me was debited in my account and I showed them the balance confirmation on my mobile.
But they said that they had not received any credit and that my account would soon be re-credited with the amounts. I agreed and told them I would come back after an hour to collect the items.
Within a short time my account was credited twice leaving the balance one time amount.
After some time I went back to the shop but still they said they had not got the money. They said I could pay cash and in case the amount is credited they would refund the money to me!!
I pointed out that no ATM is working and money does not fall from the sky!! Can't they believe a regular customer who has proved the payment and also they are holding three times the amount in their chit scheme? I had to raise hue and cry before they parted with the items for which they took unduly long time to assess the old value, calculate the new value and so on.
The said business had just lost its credibility!!
I would hesitate, rather desist from doing business with them.Would you?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Giving a quotation

One might say: Giving a quotation is such a simple thing. We do it so many times in a day!
Even in my sleep I can give a quotation for an air-conditioner...

But it is not true!!

One has to think deeply before giving a quotation:
(1) To whom are we giving the quotation.
(2) At what rate did we supply to the same party recently?
(3) What are our competitors likely to charge?
(4) Are they regular buyers?
(5) How was their payments done:   Very good / good / poor
(6) Distance of supply and installation locations (if known)

These are some of the things one has to give a thought and then only a
proper quotation can be given.

After giving the quotation frequent follow-up is necessary to know the

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Never talk about service - render it !

In the service business one should never talk about service. Rather he should try to render the
best possible service at all times.

A few days back a customer rang up about 7 pm in the night on an emergency. The cooler
had stopped working and they had Rs.10,000 plus food materials in it. The next day was a

A call was registered and help would reach within 24 hours. But that was not enough!

None of my technicians were available. I rang up a friend of mine having similar business.
His technician was 20 kms. away on a job.

I didn't give up. I rang up yet another friend. He readily obliged and asked me to send the
address by SMS and he would ask his technician to attend on the way back home.

Yes, within half-an hour a minor issue was set right and the machine started working again.

The friend gave a timely FEEDBACK. He rang me up and informed me that the issue was
sorted out.

You see, he has a PASSION for SERVICE.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Communication tips

Communication is very important in any Business.

Recently a gentleman spoke to me and wanted an air-conditioner. He spoke late in the evening
and said "My company...".  He wanted a quotation to be sent and gave his (his personal) mail-id.

Subsequently he wanted me to send a Technician to inspect the site and suggest a suitable
air-conditioner. Though I rarely do this, I did send my Technician, feeling that I stood a fair
chance of bagging an order.

Later, I did get an order from him. He asked me to send the pro-forma Invoice which I did.

A day passed and nothing happened. Later he rang me up and said that the pro-forma Invoice
was not received!!

I then found out that he is an Executive in a Chinese company.  He had not seen his mail.

If only he had told me about his company in the beginning itself and given his official mail-id
the delay could have been avoided.

Information is lifeline in business. When we talk to customers we should try to get as much
relevant information as possible which is relevant to the transaction.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Go to Italy!!

Generally I do not believe in on-line leads from these lead generating companies.

Still I wanted to try it out and registered my company.

They will give a lead. And within seconds you will get a message that 49??? was trying to contact you.
Get in touch with them immediately to beat competition and so on.

I rang up a lead sent by them.

Customer: Do you deal in Electrolux products?

Me: What is the item you are looking for?

Customer: I am looking for an Electrolux potato peeler.

Me: Sorry. We are an air-conditioning company. We don't deal in peelers.

Customer: Please help me.

Me: (As I am always in the habit of helping customers). Why don't you look up the net. We don't deal
in peelers and have no knowledge about them. But so many peelers are available. Why don't you just
buy one.

Customer: I am speaking from XYZ company and our company has chosen the Electrolux one. I checked up the net but the call is going to Italy.

Me: Then why don't you ask your company to send you to Italy so that you can get one?