Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Some people wrongly take service to mean repairs in the context of air-conditioning and refrigeration field.
Service means not only repairs but much more. It means help. Helping the customer in arriving at a decision.
A corporate customer wanted to buy a few air-conditioners and called us over for a discussion. We immediately went to their office at the time they wanted us there and explained everything.
When the question of pricing came up they pointed out to pricing of some retailers and said our pricing was little bit above than that.
But there is a difference between the two of us, we said.
Like what?
Like you called us and we came here to your office. Our service to you has already begun even before your purchase.....
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Practice makes perfect

A new year gift?

Well you may take it that way.

A friend of mine introducted me to the 2048 game ( an app).

He also told me that he has been trying it for some days and unable to go beyond 512,
I was warned that I would become addictive.

I tried a umber of times and rarely reached 512,

Then I observed carefully and after a few days I reached 1024.

With confidence and constant practice I could reach 1024 quite often.

Then it happened on 1.1.2015. I finished the game with 2048!!

And again on 2.1.15.

Now I understand "practice maks perfect" fully.