Friday, September 14, 2012

Business - Old order and new order

Last week I wanted to buy two mattresses. I went along with my friend to Triplicane where there are
a number of these shops selling mattresses.

In one shop there was an elderly person who patiently explained the different varieties of mattresses and
also pointed out that they would like to pass on whatever the company intends them to. At present the company gives one pillow free for each mattress that you purchase and that will be given to you he explained.

When I told him that I live in Madipakkam, he was quick in replying that they have a shop in that area too
and that I could order my requirements from there and due to proximity no delivery charges would be incurred by me. He further asked me to wait while he would telephone that branch and find out if they had in stock the particular item that I had selected. I would not like you to waste your time going there if they do not carry stock he said.

The next day I visited the shop in Madipakkam. It was a huge showroom. A youngster in the counter was
fiddling with his smart phone.

He sent his assistant to their godown. But they didn't have the item that I wanted. He took my phone number and said that he would get the stocks and call me in a day or two. That has not happened so far, even after a week.

Did you notice the behavioural pattern between old and new?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mail box and Name board

There is no mail box or name board in the flat complex which I bought from a leading
builder a year back.

It is the name board which gives one the pride of owning an apartment.

Postmen cannot visit individual flats and a mail box kept would facilitate them depositing
the mail safely.

Yesterday when I returned from home I found that my mail was fully soaked in rain water.

I dare not point out this to my builders for fear of being informed that it is not their company policy!

Mail box: We quickly bought one ourselves and fixed it.

Name board: What's in a name?!!

My policy now-a-days: TAKE IT EASY POLICY.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Child teaching the father !

I read in the tamil newspaper today a revered Swamiji telling parents that they should
set an example to their children.

Yes children follow the footsteps of their parents and the parents have to be careful and
watchful in their everyday behaviour to set an example and make their children good citizens.

Let me highlight this with a recent incident in my friend's house.

My friend's son is studying in a leading school and students are supposed to apply for
any leave prior to their availing it unless it was an emergency.

My friend's son did not wish to join the family's visit to their hometown to celebrate Ramzan,
but finally took a day off.

My friend told his son that he would give him a leave letter stating that he was indisposed, to which
the boy said: Dad, no need to lie. State the exact reason. My teacher will understand.

My friend felt ashamed over the incident which he related to me. Need I say more?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Money and business

Business is money.

A businessman is believed to be good in business when he makes money with other people's money.
Not an issue. If one does business with money borrowed from a friend, spouse or bank, etc.

But money is not everything. Yes, one can do a lot of things with money. Everyone needs some money.

The problem lies with the meaning given to the word SOME.

One should have enough money to lead a reasonably good life with honour and respect.

When we start chasing money, making money by any means, craving for more money to lead
a life of luxury, problems will arise.

Let us do business with a commitment to the customer (who is the one who feeds us).

Let us remember that money is a means to an end and not an end in itself.