Saturday, October 19, 2013

Collecting coins - doesn't know ABC

I went to my newspaperwallah to buy the day's newspapers.

Two drunks came to the shop. One guy gives a ten rupee note and asks
for two packets of water. He takes back his change and as he is about to
walk away the other guy asks him: What about me?

The guy just walks away ignoring and then the second guy gives the shopkeeper a ten rupee coin and asks for two packets of water.

Well the story does not end here.

The guy tells the shopkeeper to keep the ten rupee coin with him safely and he would come back after sometime and take back the coin giving him a note.
The shopkeeper refuses and tells him that he cannot hold back change which
is badly required.

I then asked the guy a few questions about ten rupee coins and he blinked.
He says: I just collect coins.  I have lot of ten rupee coins!

I questioned him about ten rupee plus coin. He again blinks.

Well, no use. Some people just collect coins. Let us leave it at that.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

How can 1/4 Kg. of beans be Rs.15 for me and Rs.10 for the next person?

Yesterday, I went to my usual haunt to buy vegetables.

The vegetable vendor Paramasivam does his business with alacrity. He is energetic, enthusiastic, quick and above all his ability in addition is amazing. People do adore him and nobody minds a rupee or two this way or that.

I bought my share of vegetables and he charged me Rs.15 for 1/4 Kg.
By and by the day's arrival of vegetables including beans were added.

I could have asked for a replacement of my share with fresh stock which
he would have done without batting an eyebrow. But I chose not to.

Somebody pounced on the fresh stock of beans asking him what the price was.
He replied: Drumstick prices are the most today. Rs.10 apiece. Beans at 40 Rs. a kg.

I kept quiet. My theory and logic only works!! Yesterday the price could have been Rs.60 which has come down to Rs.40 today....... Anyways I bought yesterday's stock.....If I were in his shoes......

How can 2 x 23 become 47?

I bought two cakes of my favourite brand of toilet soap and the cashier
took Rs.47 from me.

After reaching home, I just wondered how a cake of toilet soap could
cost Rs. 23.50.

I inspected one cake and saw the MRP as 23. I was only becoming more

I took the other cake and found the MRP as 24. One was made in June
and the other in September!!

That is inflation for you....and me too!