Sunday, October 12, 2014

Double boost stabilzer - Ha, ha.

A few days back a customer rang me up and told me that he was looking to purchase around 50 nos. of 4 KVA double boost stabilizers.

He said that there should be digital display and the secondary winding of the transfomer should have been wound with copper wires.

I gave a very reasonable price for a very good stabilizer.

He immediately said: No, that is too much. I already have offers for Rs.2300 a piece.

"Well, you see, Sir" I started.

He immediately said: No. no more discussions. I know everything....

There was no point. I said: OKay, no more discussions.

Sadly, customers don't realise that salesmen are a fund of information and allowing them to talk will give them a lot of inputs to make an informed decision!! Alas !!

Friday, October 3, 2014

ABC analysis and sales.

Check your sales data for two years. You will find that a few customers (corporates mostly) buy now and then from you.

Those few customers are your "A" customers.

Though they are few in number, they would have given more than 70%
of your business.

FOCUS on them. Meet them frequently. Ask them about their requirements.
Give them some extra service. Feed them information about new products. Give them those pamphlets lying in your sales desk! Don't let your grip on them go away.

Your business is sure to prosper.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

How to sell air-conditioners?

You may ask - who is this man who is coming here and trying to
tell us how to sell air-conditioners? We have been doing this all the time.
It is not like that. Life is a learning process from birth to death, is it not?
You sold an air-conditioner. Now, how did it happen?
Did the customer come to you and took one unit (or) did you go in search of a customer and got one?
We used to go in search of customers (cold calls) and sold many units in the past. Now-a-days I find that this going in search of customers is coming down.
If you want to sell more units, GO IN SEARCH OF CUSTOMERS....
More to follow. Suggestions are welcome!