Wednesday, August 28, 2013

M.B.A. (Most Brilliant Academics!!)

Sometimes you come across these M.B.A.'s who have some ingenious ways to increase their respective business. The case of the toothpaste port opening is too well known.

I deal in items manufactured by ABC company  and a young sales executive selling the same items manufactured by XYZ company walked into my showroom. I was not in my office and since all decisions are taken with my advise they put me on to him over the phone.

I greeted him and told him that he is in the wrong place and that the company dealing in products manufactured by his company XYZ is five doors further down.
He said that he knew that but he wanted to help me and that he would go to some clients for canvassing on my behalf!

I retorted: Why do you want to help me? Please go to your dealer and help him. Business is very dull nowadays.

You see this is the game companies are upto nowadays. They have their dealers who are saddled with stocks and wondering how to sell them. They will not buy fresh stocks. So the executives go to dealers selling competition and try to push some stocks giving tall stories.

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