Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shining piece of metal !

A few days back I went to the BSNL office to pay my telephone bill.

The cashier had about twenty coins on her table (to be given to customers as balance) and
I could see one shining piece of metal among those coins. Very bright and giving a come-hither
get me look.

I pointed that coin to her after giving my cheque and asked her if it was a five rupee coin.
She took it in her hand and said "Yes."

Since I always carry a few coins with me, I took out a five rupee coin and told her if she could
give me that coin.

Immediately she retorted: Do you collect coins. Is this a rare coin?  She was reluctant to part with it.

I told her: No, mam. It is just an ordinary coin like this one. Only it is a bit shiny.

She gave me that coin: An almost uncirculated five rupee coin of Moscow mint of year 1999.

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