Sunday, May 11, 2014

Assorted air-conditioner??

A lady rang up and wanted to buy an air-conditioner which would be energy efficient.
She asked me if we can give buy-back offer.
I said: Yes.
I have an assorted air-conditioner which is working well but consumes lot of current.
Assorted? Oh, she meant assembled air-conditioner!!
I asked her how much current it consumes.
She says she is not sure. But she says it is cleaned once in every six months and gas charged...
I tried to explain her that she is being taken for a ride. How much you are charged for gas charging - it is not all necessary to periodically gas charge.
No she says. He brought a meter and checked and charged gas. He usually charges Rs.300 but when gas is charged it is Rs.400.
I wanted to help her and gave her a good price explaining the break-up.
AC so much, stabilizer so much and installation so much.
Why do you charge for installation. Can't you make it free?
I spoke to her for 15 minutes and explained A to Z.
She said she will come back............
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