Monday, July 18, 2016

The MAGIC of Rajnikanth as Ranjith's Kabali is to be DISCOVERED soon.

People in India, US, Malaysia, EUROPE and elsewhere are eager to WELCOME the movie
with a red CARPET.

Some crazy fans will EXERCISE their interest with a large scale MIGRATION to the
theatres - to PITCH tents and remain SHELTERED to SPRAY milk on the cut-outs during
the auspicious time.

Some others would be GREEN with envy at those who managed the FDFS tickets.

COMMERCE has PRESERVED the Super Star's image in silver coins.

Die-hard fans may not remain COMPOSED sitting in the EDGE of their seats as the show
unfolds itself.

PRODUCTIVE work may be absent and DISAPPEAR on the opening days.

Let us enjoy the movie, remain COMPOSED and not ATTACH too much importance
to the movie and CONTEMPORARY look of the star which is to be admired.

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