Saturday, March 4, 2017

Test certificate....

A company in the power sector wanted to purchase a few air-conditioners.

This company has been asking me for quotes every now and then but till date they have
not purchased even one single unit.

While so, they again asked for two units and were in the verge of buying them. But then they
wanted to know if "Test certificates" can be furnished for the units!!

Test certificate? I know about these. As per BSS there are two types of tests: Type tests and routine
tests. Routine tests are fairly easy to conduct but type tests are cumbersome and expensive. In the past I have personally submitted motors (after rewinding) for routine tests in IIT Madras and Guindy Engineering College (Now Anna University).

Till now I have not seen a test certificate for a window or split air-conditioner.

Have you seen one?

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