Friday, September 7, 2012

Child teaching the father !

I read in the tamil newspaper today a revered Swamiji telling parents that they should
set an example to their children.

Yes children follow the footsteps of their parents and the parents have to be careful and
watchful in their everyday behaviour to set an example and make their children good citizens.

Let me highlight this with a recent incident in my friend's house.

My friend's son is studying in a leading school and students are supposed to apply for
any leave prior to their availing it unless it was an emergency.

My friend's son did not wish to join the family's visit to their hometown to celebrate Ramzan,
but finally took a day off.

My friend told his son that he would give him a leave letter stating that he was indisposed, to which
the boy said: Dad, no need to lie. State the exact reason. My teacher will understand.

My friend felt ashamed over the incident which he related to me. Need I say more?

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