Friday, September 14, 2012

Business - Old order and new order

Last week I wanted to buy two mattresses. I went along with my friend to Triplicane where there are
a number of these shops selling mattresses.

In one shop there was an elderly person who patiently explained the different varieties of mattresses and
also pointed out that they would like to pass on whatever the company intends them to. At present the company gives one pillow free for each mattress that you purchase and that will be given to you he explained.

When I told him that I live in Madipakkam, he was quick in replying that they have a shop in that area too
and that I could order my requirements from there and due to proximity no delivery charges would be incurred by me. He further asked me to wait while he would telephone that branch and find out if they had in stock the particular item that I had selected. I would not like you to waste your time going there if they do not carry stock he said.

The next day I visited the shop in Madipakkam. It was a huge showroom. A youngster in the counter was
fiddling with his smart phone.

He sent his assistant to their godown. But they didn't have the item that I wanted. He took my phone number and said that he would get the stocks and call me in a day or two. That has not happened so far, even after a week.

Did you notice the behavioural pattern between old and new?

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