Monday, November 12, 2012

Ordinary? No, extra-ordinary!

I would like to appreciate the approach of Light & Rays Optics, an optical show-room recently
opened near my house in Madipakkam.

My wife's spectacles broke in the arm and the screw had broken. I took it to them for repairs.

On their wall just behind the cashier's counter I saw the following words attributed to Gandhiji:

"A Customer is the most important visitor on our premises....."

Rarely do we come across a firm which functions true to the above words.

The customer assistant took the spectacles from me and gave me a receipt and told me that
they would inform me as soon as it is ready.

The next day they promptly rang up and said that my spectacles is ready after repair. I asked them
"What are the charges?".

They say: Our service charges are free. We never charge for service.

I went to the shop and once again asked them how much I should pay to which they said that the
repair is a service done without any charges. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had even
replaced the nose pieces which had broken! They placed the pair of spectacles in a new container
and gave it to me with a smile.

My daughter who was waiting outside in the car saw a girl walking in and asking for a Ray-Ban
spectacles. When I returned to the car my daughter said that she would come back and buy herself
a pair of Ray-Ban.

The sale will happen itself to this company. Need I say more? May their tribe increase.

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