Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reality vs Realty

A property consultant says:

"However, the rate of growth in rentals, residential and capital values will highly depend on the implementation and completion of the upcoming and on-going major projects such as the Monorail, the Metrorail, the Outer Ring Road, and the Greenfield airport."


Again, I would agree as well as disagree with the above statement.

I am not a property consultant. But then, these are the very people who give
hypes and increase the values to unbelievable heights.

I am staying in an area known as Madipakkam where the capital values are very high.
No roads, no drainage, no water supply. And garbage all over the area.

But all over our area we see boards saying that it is within the Corporation limits!

There are many "To Let" boards all around which was not the case two/three years back.

Why should we talk of Monorail, ORR, Greenfield airport and so on.? That is going to take ages.

Can't we come to reality instead of realty?

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