Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You may play tricks - but never be tricky.

We were on the lookout for a good microwave oven.

We chose one in a huge showroom but did not buy it then and there.

A few days later we went to an exclusive showroom of the Brand and wanted that model number.
They didn't have it, but said they would get in a week or so later and supply after phoning us. Since we
were not in a hurry we accepted. But even after ten days there is no phone call.

Yesterday we happened to pass by another exclusive showroom of the same Brand and we walked in.
They too did not have that model but suggested another model which we were ready to take. They said
they would check up and confirmed one piece was available. We swiped the card.

Immediately, much to our chagrin, they said the piece is not there but they would source it and send it to
us the next day. I said okay.

The proper way of playing this trick would have been for them to tell us that it is not in stock but that they
would source it and supply within a day or two. Everything would have been fine.

The next day they never phoned me. When I phoned the guy said he would get back in five minutes.
Two hours later when the climate it hot and when my mood is hot, he does not pick up the phone.
When I get them on the landline they say they will give tomorrow!!

I have two questions:

(1) Who will teach them proper customer service??

(2) When will companies stop bringing in umpteen models, so that items could be readily given??

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