Sunday, October 12, 2014

Double boost stabilzer - Ha, ha.

A few days back a customer rang me up and told me that he was looking to purchase around 50 nos. of 4 KVA double boost stabilizers.

He said that there should be digital display and the secondary winding of the transfomer should have been wound with copper wires.

I gave a very reasonable price for a very good stabilizer.

He immediately said: No, that is too much. I already have offers for Rs.2300 a piece.

"Well, you see, Sir" I started.

He immediately said: No. no more discussions. I know everything....

There was no point. I said: OKay, no more discussions.

Sadly, customers don't realise that salesmen are a fund of information and allowing them to talk will give them a lot of inputs to make an informed decision!! Alas !!

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