Tuesday, March 17, 2015

On-line attack !!

Companies were warning the public that guarantee/warranty conditions would not
apply if goods (air-conditioners in particular) were purchased on-line.

But it seems slowly they are changing their attitude?

A leading company has put up an advertisement in the front page in a leading daily
offering upto 35% discount on some leading brands of air-conditioners. It also
seems to say that the offer is for one day....

The very same paper has a news item elsewhere which says that the on-line company
is to invest Rs.940-1,250 crores in logistics in the next one year to ensure delivery
within four hours.

A representative from an on-line company met me a few days back and said that
we could put up our stock for sale through them and mention our price. He also
went on to explain that with their "deals" they might sell the goods at a lower price
still paying our price to us!!

But what is the bottom-line?

A person in business can easily understand a lot of things by reading the above.

Anybody selling an air-conditioner will realise that he/she cannot sell a unit with
a discount of 10 to 15% on the M.R.P.  Stop.

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