Monday, March 30, 2015


Free Installation !

Companies in order to lure the customer built-in the price of stabilizer and installation charges
into the pricing and began to say - Buy Air-conditioner - Free stabilizer, free installation, free delivery.

The market is ever-changing. On-line companies have begun to sell air-conditioners. They are not
much bothered about installation. How can an on-line company know what are all required in your
location to install the air-conditioner?

With severe shortage of skilled man-power and undue pressure of work during summer things
are going to change very soon.

A technician who was in my employment on a monthly salary of Rs.7,000  some years back
has now turned a contractor. A few days back I approached him to know if he could install a
few air-conditioners.

"Sir, people are standing in queue. If you pay me Rs.2000 per installation I can do something
that is very urgent for you"

You get the big picture. Contractors who very happy with Rs.600 to Rs.750 per installation
are now demanding Rs.800 to Rs.1,000 and much more. With unknown, untried contractors
we do not know the quality of work!

Thanks to mobile phones, technicians whom we have trained, have now become contractors
with their own contacts and forgetting our goodwill say that they are too busy with "their" customers.

Who are "Their" customers?

"They" are "our" customers taken away from us !!

.... to be continued

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