Monday, November 30, 2015

Keep trying....

This happened some twenty five years back.
But even today one could learn a lesson.

Two friends, A and B.  A is a lakhpathi and CEO in a large corporate. (within the next few
years he started his own business and became  a crorepathi.) B is a friend of his, a businessman
and a crorepathi.

A and B and others used to frequently meet over drinks. It seems that one day over drinks
B had told that he is going to replace couple of his air-conditioners. A had asked for two
air-conditioners. B might have said something like, "Sure, anyway I am going to throw them".

Now this A was our well wisher. He used to give us a lot of business and of course he was a
very nice gentleman, no doubt. A told us to go to B's office, meet him and ask for the air-conditioners.

We (me and my friend) went to his office. We were made to wait a long time and finally
when we met B he was very kind but gave an evasive reply.

I told my friend that over drinks people promise so many things and needs to be confirmed
the next day afternoon!!!

We told A that B was evasive and in fact he didn't seem to have any units.

But, but wait, A just told us, "Keep trying".

Subsequently though I was least interested, my friend wanted to please A and so
we went to B's office a few times. All his staff became our close friends. Deepavali came
and we were given sweets.

But the story does not end here.

Sometime later B took on rent a huge office space in a prime locality belonging to A !!!

And he placed an order with us to supply eight air-conditioners.

We should understand that an order for eight air-conditioners is like getting an order for
one hundred air-conditioners today.

Are you a salesman or businessman or both?!!

You know your mantra now:  "KEEP TRYING"

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