Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bhuvan Shome - Hiss but don't bite

April 2.

Another famous Bengali director - Mrinal Sen. But a Hindi movie. Bhuvan Shome.

There is a story where God advises the snake to stop biting at the drop of a hat. Hiss.
And the people will run away. Don't bite!

In the corporate world the boss may show the gun, but he should not actually shoot.

The crux of the movie is how a transformation occurs in a very strict officer.

There are any number of directorial nuances in the 96 minute movie which one can

The train moving in fast track. Only the tracks are shown. Then the train changes
track. In real life too one must move away from the rat race. The modern management
jargon is "out-of-the-box".

Life has to slow down if it is to change. Shome is shown travelling in a slower vehicle.
The horse carriage. Later on he travels in a much slower vehicle. The bullock cart. While
he is travelling in the cart number of women walking in a row with pots on their head
suddenly branch out into two. When too much of weight on one's head he should change

I know only a smattering of Hindi. The cartman singing "chahe mujhe koi junglee kahe"
- very apt for the situation.

Shome shoots but the bird is not hit. It falls down out of fear. Shome is shown to return
the bird to Gouri after introspection. "You are the one who can take care of it and nurse it."

The movie ends with Shome shown to let go an employee without harsh treatment.

A must watch movie.

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