Friday, October 21, 2016

Go to Italy!!

Generally I do not believe in on-line leads from these lead generating companies.

Still I wanted to try it out and registered my company.

They will give a lead. And within seconds you will get a message that 49??? was trying to contact you.
Get in touch with them immediately to beat competition and so on.

I rang up a lead sent by them.

Customer: Do you deal in Electrolux products?

Me: What is the item you are looking for?

Customer: I am looking for an Electrolux potato peeler.

Me: Sorry. We are an air-conditioning company. We don't deal in peelers.

Customer: Please help me.

Me: (As I am always in the habit of helping customers). Why don't you look up the net. We don't deal
in peelers and have no knowledge about them. But so many peelers are available. Why don't you just
buy one.

Customer: I am speaking from XYZ company and our company has chosen the Electrolux one. I checked up the net but the call is going to Italy.

Me: Then why don't you ask your company to send you to Italy so that you can get one?


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