Monday, October 1, 2012

Think and Grow Rich

I know that there is a famous book with the title "Think and Grow Rich".

But my friend Mohideen modified this as "Think good things and you will be benefited."

Two days back on his birthday my friend received a call from a Sales Executive of our Principal's that
he is coming to collect orders from us.

My friend said "Good. Come along". In reality we were not in a position to give any orders.

The Sales Executive came, by and by, with a bouquet and greeted my friend on his birthday.

At that very same instance, a customer walks in and after discussions places an order for an
item not in stock with us. We immediately placed an order with the Sales Executive who was present

My friend was happy and explained that one should always think of good things. They are likely to happen.
If we think of bad things or negative thoughts, God forbid, they also occur.

This is a good lesson. Let us always think and talk of good things.

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