Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Exceeding Customers' expectations

One of the most important aspect in customer service is trying to exceed the customer's expectations.

I would like to share my experience with one such business woman who has successfully exceeded
the customer's expectation in her line of business activity.

I recently purchased an apartment in Velachery for my daughter and I give below some of the
things observed by me in which the builder has exceeded the customer's expectations:

(1) I purchased a fourth floor (top floor) flat. The builder has provided false ceiling without
extra cost.

(2) She has provided cornice without extra cost.

(3) She has provided Jaguar fittings instead of the usual Metro (or equivalent) as builders specify.

(4) She has provided teak wood for the french window.

(5) She has provided health faucets.

(6) She has provided inverter wiring at free of cost. She has provided the fan regulators in all the rooms.

(7) She has provided video door phones for all the flats.

I could go on. Even my contractors ( wood work people, electricians who came to fit the lights, etc.)
have marvelled at all these items.

 I wish I could render such service in my line of activity!

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