Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Service before business

A customer rang me up frantically yesterday, on New Year's Day.

It was late in the afternoon and it was the first call from a customer for the day. Naturally I was excited.

He: Are you a Voltas dealer?

Me: Yes Sir, I am a Voltas dealer and my name is Bhargav. How can I help you?

He: I rang up three other numbers and nobody picked up the phone. (That is the order of the day, but how
can I tell him that?)  I am looking for a water dispenser.

Me: I explained at length to him the different models of water dispensers. (Afterall I was doing the talking
and it was his talk time!!!)

He: I know all that. I have seen the web-site. I want a table top model.

Me: I do not have stock of this item. It would cost you around 8,200 to Rs. 8,500. Where do you stay?

He: I stay in Madipakkam.

Me: I would suggest you to visit the consumer exhibition going on right now at Murugan Kalyana Mandapam
in Bye-pass road and check out. If it be available there you could buy it. If you still have difficulty, please do not waste your time going hither and thither. Just give me a call and I shall source one and have it delivered in your house.

Ah ha! I had the full satisfaction of having genuinely helped a customer fill his need!!

Service: 100%   Business: 0%. Suits me fine, since I do honorary work.

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