Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sometimes declining to serve is also service...!!

A customer rang me up and requested that air-conditioners in their office may be seen and offer
for maintaining them on a contract be tendered.

I went and discussed with them. I came to know that they have a number of <1 ton units which
are not in the current line of manufacture with them. It has been my experience that these machines
cannot be repaired once they go out of order.

And then they had a fairly large number of units which are all more than 7 years old. Well, these had
IMHO outlived their useful life and in the verge of being replaced in case they go out of order. Spares for
such units are not, one could even say not-at-all available.

So, I wrote to them saying that I desist from giving an offer for service. As and when they fail they could be replaced.

It used to be a joke that business means somehow getting the other man's money into our pockets. It is no longer a joke and people resort to this these days.

What is the point in my telling tall stories and collecting some money from them and later trying to wriggle out of difficult issues like non-availability of spares and so on?

Sometimes declining service is also service.

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