Thursday, June 27, 2013

Customer Service Stories... From Nepal with Love

I go to restaurants but do not frequent them.

Two days back I went to the A2B Restaurant at Velachery. Most of the servers here are from Nepal.

The server in charge of my table approached me and said: Sir, aap kya khayenge? (Sir, what will you
like to have?)

Me: Mein paper roast khavuunga. (I wish to have a paper roast)

He: Sir, wo tho bahuth bada rahega. Aap kha nahin payenge. Ghee roast le lijiye. Paisa kyoon
waste karna? (Sir, paper roast will be pretty big. You may not be able to eat it all. I suggest you
go in for Ghee roast. Why waste money?)

I immediately realised my mistake in order and how nicely he had suggested what I should have.
How many people will take such a stance and how many more will realise that what he said is indeed true
in their case (if it is so, as in my case?).

I related this to a friend of mine who said that he went to Apoorva Sangeetha in Greams Road with his
family and his friend's family. After completing the meal, a young girl in the family was asked if she wanted
any thing else. She ordered for a family dosa. Nobody noticed this and a three foot long dosa was brought
out of which she could eat hardly 5%. The rest was taken away as parcel!!

I appreciated this guy from Nepal for his excellent service and blessed him saying one day in the future
he will have his own restaurant. Is it not such people who come up in life?

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