Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Change? Even rupee notes not available!!!

I went to my office by bus yesterday.
On the way to my office, I had coins to the tune of about Rs.15. When the bus was nearing my office there was not much crowd in the bus. I gave Rs.10 worth of coins to the conductor and asked him to give me two five rupee coins. I got a 1992 Cu-NI and a 2013 Ni-Br coin.
I thought I will first go to Landmark first thing in the morning. I reached Spencer Plaza by 9.35 am only to find that the shop opens at 10 am.
I was not prepared to waste 25 mins. (almost all the shops were yet to open). Rang up my office for someone to come in a two-wheeler and pick me up.
I was waiting in the kerb when an auto stopped near me. Two girls in blue T-Shirt with the words LANDMARK written on their shirts got down. One girl gave a hundred rupee note. The driver said: No change.They tried frantically. The driver said: Is this the place for you to change your hundred rupee note? By then another auto pulled up. Do you have two 50 rupee notes asked the driver to his counterpart. No. I took out a 50 rupee note and gave it to the auto-driver and took back Rs.20 from him. I asked the girl her name and told her that later in the day I would be coming to Landmark when she can return the Rs.30. She was all smiles and thanking me disappeared informing me that I can find her in the books section.
While coming back in the evening, the bus conductor was in utmost difficulty not having enough change. He said: If the ticket value is Rs.7 or Rs.8, I can give change. But for a Rs.11 or Rs.12 how can I give back the balance? I gave him coins worth Rs.10 and took a ten-rupee note from him!
Coin collector? No, not at all. I am a Coin-giver !!!!

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