Friday, April 18, 2014


Some persons are arrogant, some have arrogance thrust upon them and some are arrogance personified.

A government department wanted to buy a few water dispensers for their office.

I explained them about the features in detail and sent them the quote by post. Then they said: You should have addressed it to the Project Director but have addressed it to the Project Manager. Also you have written my name and phone number on the quote. Please send another quote. (Is not the Director a manager??). I patiently sent another quote.

Then they rang up and said that they are eligible for concessional tax.
I reduced the quote further to show the adjustment and sent a fresh quote.

They said they would place the order but reduce 2% TDS. (To the best of my knowledge there is no TDS for supply items (products alone).

We said it is okay as long as they gave the TDS certificate.

After two days they said their Director wanted to see the products (with fridge and without fridge) to decide which one they wanted!

I said they are welcome to come to our showroom to view the products kept in display.

Our Director will not come there and all that, bring them over here for demo.

I asked them to go to hell in a couched language: "We do not have such facility".

All through my business live, I have never dealt with government departments and you may have guessed the reason by now.

Have a great day!!

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