Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chennai market for air-conditioners

The annual (12 month) sale of air-conditioners (all brands put-together) is around 300K units.

Around 85 to 90% of these 3 lakh units of air-conditioners (splits and windows) are being sold by retailers and the remaining by Sales and Service Dealers (the people who have taken up air-conditioning as their business and have toiled over long years in brand building ).

So the over-all outgo of machines from Sales and Service dealers has
gone down and with more retailers coming in (two days back I went to Mylapore and saw Reliance Digital near the Mylapore railway station)
there is hardly scope for improvement.

Sales and Service dealers would do well and hope to survive only if
they strengthen their man-management skills and administrative skills,
develop a good service team, monitor them and improve service oriented business for which there will be not dearth nor competition.

Stop sitting and start scouting should be the mantra.

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