Saturday, February 21, 2015

Business ethics

We often hear about ethics. Rather nowadays we more often hear "no ethics".

Whether you are a small company with eight employees and a turnover of less than a crore of rupees
or a big corporation with thousands of employees and turnover running into thousands of crores does
not matter. Behaviour and attitude should be ethical.

But then what is ethical?

To put it in simple words, the behaviour by an individual or company towards its customers, suppliers, employees, government and the society at large in a rightful manner without showing partiality or trying
to avoid certain obligations falls into ethics.

Many companies have their own set of principles written down as "Code of conduct" which is
expected to be implicitly followed by all its employees.

As India progresses into the twenty first century it is better that each one of us has our own
code of conduct and follow it.

A few days back I received a phone call from a person in Kozhikode. I could have said that I operate
in Chennai and so cannot do anything much for him. I wanted to help him or guide him as much as I could so that his need is fulfilled. After talking to him I came to know that he wanted a small part for a water dispenser. I told him it is available with me and he said he could collect it when he visits Chennai. Why
make him come all the way to my shop? I told him to give his address and I can send it by courier and he pay on-line which he did.

What has this incident to do with ethics? IT IS THE IMPRESSION I HAVE CREATED IN HIS

Happy selling for summer!!

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