Sunday, February 8, 2015

Refusing service is also service...

A few days back I observed my car to be running bumpy. My local mechanic asked me to get
the wheel balancing and alignment done.

There is a wheel alignment centre near my office. The guy took a ride, came back and told me
that three tyres are to be replaced. I asked him not to do anything. I was not sure if his advise
was right.

I called my friend, a veteran tyre dealer for his recommendation. He told me that in radial tyres
it is difficult to see the wear and tear by sight. The tyres were more than seven years old and I was
asked to replace them. I asked them to replace all the four tyres and do the alignment. Now my car
is running smooth.

About a year back a corporate asked me to give AMC offer for their twenty and odd air-conditioners.
I went around and saw the machines. They were more than twelve years old and in poor condition but
were working....  I told them it is not worthwhile for them as well as for us to take the machines in AMC.
They may continue to use them as long as they work and then replace them with new ones. They were happy to receive this advise of mine.

Last month this very same corporate called me and said they wanted to buy ten units for their new office and asked me to come and  take their order. Yes, COME AND TAKE YOUR ORDER. We got the order after fine-tuning the price to somewhat match with other quotes.

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