Friday, February 6, 2015

Lunch and a lesson!

Having gone to my office yesterday, I had lunch at the V.I.P.'s  restaurant at Royapettah.

As I entered the restaurant with my friend, somebody having his lunch greeted me. At first I could
not recognize him though I too greeted him but immediately remembered that he is the owner
of restaurant.

A few years back I had asked him: Why do you call your hotel V.I.P.s restaurant?
Reply: Sir, every person who comes and has his/her lunch here is a Very Important Person to me!!

Yesterday after lunch I asked him jokingly: What Sir, owner having lunch in own hotel??
Reply: My mother is 86 years old and when I started this hotel 20 years back she had told
me, "If you can't have food in your hotel you are not fit to serve others!". That is our family philosophy.
Every day I have lunch and dinner here. Even if I go out to a function and have lunch, I will have my
dinner here. I never miss a day....

When I was in-charge of an air-conditioning firm (SSD) a big ticket customer walked into my
cabin and after chatting with me for a while, got up and went near my window air-conditioner.
He ran his finger over the front panel and showed some dust. Then he said, "If you can't take
care of your own unit, how are you going to take care of others??".

I immediately replied, "Sir, we are so busy serving others, sometimes we don't mind about our
own needs...".    It was not a very serious question and I somehow wriggled out of the situation.


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