Sunday, July 15, 2012

How to get pissed off !

After about a week of our returning to Chennai from our sojourn in USA. my wife and I thought,
"Why not chill out?".

Not having many options for a vegetarian dinner, we decided to drive down to A2B in Velachery

I have heard of B2B and B2C and I was wondering what is A2B. Then I understood that it is 2AB,
 that is to say, AAB, Adyar Anandha Bhavan.

As we were driving down to the hotel, pleasant memories of our stay in US lingered in my mind.
I was driving my wife to the hotel, but the roads of Chennai had decided to take us for a ride it

The traffic was terrible. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere (or the other).
Somehow I managed to reach the gates of paradise??!! Though the gates were open I could
not get in! You might have heard of queues, but this was the first time I experienced a queue of
cars waiting for turns to park!!

A wedding reception had been arranged in the first floor and the crowds attending that function
compounded the problem. I was at my wit's end. My car battery seemed to be running down (since
I had not used it for six months) and there was a fear lurking in my mind that we may have to leave the
car behind.

Saturday night fever!  Yes this was turning out to be a Saturday night fever of a different kind!!
I was reminded of the restaurant TGIF (Thank God It's Friday) near our apartment in Fairfax.
A2B could be renamed as TGIYGAS. (Thank God, if you get a seat).

Finally we managed  (yes, managed ) to park the car and get inside.

There was a sea of humanity. Seats, seats everywhere but no seat to be seated!!
There was a huge queue in the self-service counter to get the coupons. A few others were
standing and eating. (I was reminded of kai-aendhi bhavans)

Some areas were marked for "Self Service" and a few areas where you could sit and order what you want.
It was difficult to figure out which was which.

Finally we reached a table for four, in which a young couple (recently married) were trying to chill out.
When we reached this table, the server decided that we should not sit there until the couple leave!!
I gently asked them whether we could take the seats and they readily obliged.

Seeing us converse in Kannada, they too joined us in the conversation saying that they too speak the
same language. The pleasant conversation was a saving grace for the evening. I invited them to dinner
or lunch at our home on a day of their convenience so that they have at least a day of relaxed outing.
He advised me that one should stay away from the eateries on Saturday and Sunday.

We ordered just the bare minimum and left the place hurriedly.

We decided that in future we will just imagine of some nice restaurant in our mind and eat at home!!

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