Friday, July 27, 2012

Strike ..... while the iron is hot !

Strike while the iron is hot is an idiom which means that one has to do something immediately, repeat
immediately, while he/she has a good chance of achieving success.

This is much more true in a business environment.

Several months back before I left for US, a customer from a marine company was looking to buy
a split air-conditioner and placed an order with us somewhat impressed with our immediate response
to their queries.

This very same customer had sent in an enquiry for  a window air-conditioner a few days back
and we sent in our estimate.

Today the customer rang up and asked about availability of 1.5 ton window unit and the size.
Again customer rued that the unit cannot be fixed since the opening was small and civil work could
not be resorted to for increasing the size. We explained that 1 ton unit would suit the opening and after
some quick exchanges of details over SMS, customer placed the order.

When the customer rang up it was clear that he wanted to finalise the order then and there and we
focused on their requirement and gave them quick replies to their questions.

Yes, one should learn to strike while the iron is hot.

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