Thursday, October 4, 2012

"I was only performing my duty"

Around two months back I finalised a property for my daughter.

A relative of mine who works for a Government Bank was keen that I should avail the housing loan
from his Bank. Since he had recently been transferred to circle office, he referred me to the branch
where he was the Branch Manager erstwhile.

The Manager greeted me and asked me a lot of questions. But he did not give me the loan application forms.
He asked me to meet him after getting the POA adjudicated.

After getting the POA job done, I again went and met him, asking for the application forms. He asked me to
meet him the next day.

Well, I wondered if I will ever get my job done here. I left it at that and again informed my relative who felt
apologetic and asked me to approach another branch, closer to my home.

The Manager greeted me with the forms in his hand. I gave the filled in forms within a week and within a few days the Circle office asked me a few doubts, which I cleared. The loan was sanctioned within two weeks.

My relative told me that he thanked the particular Manager for the prompt service to which it seems he replied: "But, I was only performing my duty."

Oh yes, he was performing his duty. But he is only among a select few who perform their duty mixing it
with love, affection and care. He is of a rare breed and we come across very few like him in our day-to-day lives.

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