Saturday, October 13, 2012

Selling coins - but no Salesmanship!

I wanted to procure a few coins. I came across the name of a coin seller with his phone number and
address in Chennai in a web-site.

I rang up this Gentleman.

"Do you sell coins?"


I am looking for 5 Rs. CAG coin.

"No, not available".

"60 years of Parliament of India"

"No, not available. All these coins were sold long back and exhausted".

Having said that he disconnected the line.

If I were in his shoes, I would have said: Yes, these coins were with me some time back. Unfortunately
I don't have them now. But, I can try to procure them for you. Nice to know your interest in coins. How
long have you been collecting and what coins do you specifically collect.

Then I would probably suggest some coins which were available with me which would interest the buyer.

Being a local buyer, I would even go to the extent of meeting this person and delivering the coins that he
wanted and make him my permanent customer!

Alas! All businessmen are not salesmen.

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