Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Free installation !! (Really free !!!)

Free installation !! (Really free !!!)
Free installation, free stabilizer, free delivery ... these are all standard terms nowadays.
Ofcourse we all know nothing is free and the costs are "Built-in".
But there was a time when I used to give free installation - really free with no hidden costs.
We were maintaing 300 plus air-conditioners for a leading bank. More than 200 machines were in its head-office situated within 200 metres away from my service centre.
We had AMC for all the machines and a technician and two assistants were always present in the Bank.
The bank would now and then call for tenders to buy air-conditioners.
We would quote for the air-conditioner and stabilizer at the cost price to us. Installation: free.
You see anyway our people were there (their salary etc. already taken care of in AMC income...) and they would install the air-conditioner/s.
THIS is surely free installation !! (And the AMC income would go up by as many numbers the next year).

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