Monday, May 18, 2015

"We are dealers for XX and YY...."

"We are dealers for XX and YY brands of air-conditioners, but for my home I want to buy VOLTAS air-conditioners".

A customer came to my showroom a few days back. My guys requested him to talk to me over phone.

He introduced himself and informed me that his brother is a dealer for XX and  YY brands of air-conditioners.

I re-called my association with his brother, since we both were in the air-conditioning business, in the very same road, during the late seventies.

He pointed out that he is still, yes STILL , using the Voltas air-conditioners he had purchased in the year 1987.  (28 years of performance). Needless to say being air-conditioning people themselves they would have serviced the machines very regularly.

He was sentimental and wanted only Voltas machines for his home. (he has several factories in Chennai and has scores of other brands of units).

He was pleased that I kindled old memories and finalized his purchase.

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