Saturday, May 30, 2015

Selling to celebrities

People buy air-conditioners. Celebrities are no exception.

If the celebrity himself/herself gets involved in the purchase it would
be okay.

But more often than not their manager or some third person gets involved in the purchase. Of course the celebrity need not waste his/her time on such mundane things

Two days back a gentleman rang me up and asked me whether I knew Mr. XXX (Family name). I said "No". Then he mentioned two first names, which anyone would immediately recognize. Top celebrities.

Then he went on to say that my office insisted on payment and that the celebrity would give the cheque on delivering the air-conditioner.

I said okay. But please send me an order by e-mail giving address, name and phone number of contact person, etc. and I would send the unit.

I am still waiting for the e-mail......

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