Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Company turnover: 8,000 crores plus

This is a company having a turnover of 8,000 crores plus and is situated about 50 kms. from my showroom.

They wanted 2 nos. of water coolers.

One must remember that the cost of transportation of these two water coolers would be around Rs.1,500 plus.

I quoted a figure with a minimum reasonable margin but the purchase guy says that another dealer has quoted Rs.1,500 less than me for each water-cooler.

I explained that reduction is not possible and that they could very well
purchase the same product from the other dealer since there is no question of duplicate product (unlike mobile phones, etc) in a water-cooler!

Then they explained that they are having some "issues" with the other supplier. I told them my inability to reduce the price further.

Two days later they came back and said they would place the order on me. (I am still waiting for that as on date).

"Think globally, act locally" has now become "Check prices on-line and buy locally".  Well, this doesn't work out.

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