Saturday, January 23, 2016

Strange coincidence

Yesterday was a very, very busy day. One of those rare days I go to office. My friend and I were busy, each doing his own work and office work side by side.

A smiling gentleman walked in around 4 p.m. At first for a few seconds I didn't notice him. He said, "I have come to buy a window air-conditioner".

I said "Please, Sir, take your seat and give me a minute!".

(I had to switch off my tension in the job I was doing and calm down to talk to the customer. That is why that one minute!)

"I am a loyal Voltas customer. I have a one ton window air-conditioner and I want to replace it now. I bought it when my wife was pregnant and my daughter is now 15 years old. So my Vectra air-conditioner is just that - 15 years old"

Me: "Trouble, trouble" thinking to myself.

I told him that present day air-conditioners are smaller in size and that
he would have to arrange a nearby carpenter.

Then I proceeded to check the size. The 3 star model chosen by him was 26" x 17" !! The very same size as his Vectra!

I said, "Sir, you, I mean we, are lucky. The air-conditioner is of the same size and we have to just pull out the old one and push in the new one".

He gave the cash in my hand!!

What a coincidence!!

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