Sunday, January 17, 2016

The only saving grace!!

The only saving grace!!

Grand sweets.

A grand name and an even grander fame (until recently?)

Grand sweets used to be a family business with only one shop in Adyar. People used to throng to this place. A homely atmosphere, something (particularly puliogare) used to be given free to all customers. If they bought for a particular amount, they could choose to pick up religious books.

Things change over a period of time. The family members (probably second generation) split and the name changed to Grand Sweets and Snacks. They managed to lease out very big swanky places be it Mylapore, Madipakkam, RAPuram, Triplicane, etc.

But then, what happened?

The homely atmosphere is no longer there.
The prices have sky-rocketed.
Quality has suffered.
Customer service is abysmal.

Some months back I purchased a packet of cashew-nut pakoras (sans cashews!!) Same item purchased from A2B was out-of-the-world.

Yesterday, I visited their outlet to get some "powders".

Three staff members were present, but they never took notice of a customer entering and standing near the counter craving attention.

I asked them for a list of items but the young woman just smiled and said everything is there before you (three feet away) and since you are an elderly person are not able to read (the small label!). A young techie said "Even, I can't read and nobody can" with a wry smile.

After purchasing for Rs.370 I gave a five hundred rupee note. The same smile (which didn't irritate you) " Don't you have change?"

Being a numismatist or rather one with a very great interest in Republic India Coins, I put my hand into my pant pocket and pulled out around 10 to 12 coins and threw it on the counter.
"This is what I know as change!!"

Again the smile, she carefully picked up the coins and gave it back to me.

Her smile was the only saving grace and I wonder how far the company will go in the years to come. Wishing them all the very best.

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