Thursday, June 6, 2013

You may help others........but!!

Yes, you may help others, but they should deserve to be helped.

A friend of mine had a few air-conditioners unsold for quite some time. I thought
I will help him and took four air-conditioners from him.

Today I voluntarily phoned him and told him that I'll take one more air-conditioner.
Further I told him to send the fifth unit and also collect payment for one unit.

He agreed to this arrangement.

In the evening he did not send the fifth unit and asked me to pay for five units (!!)
whereas he had supplied me only four.

Well, you see, such people do not deserve to be helped!


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  2. I am agree with you this is very bad experience or very bad feeling when you help to other and other person (to whom you are helping) thing about you that you are fool or show cunning. Always should be careful from such type of person.

    I think it will better to buy any appliances from branded shop, such as you want to buy air conditioners, go to any dealer and purchase this with warranty or guarantee as the offer or policy for that particular products.