Saturday, March 16, 2013


A customer ordered an air-conditioner from me and since Saturday was a holiday for him I promised
to send the unit and install it on a Saturday.

My technicians went to his house on Saturday as promised and installed the unit and collected the cheque.
 The customer rang me up late in the evening and thanked me for the good job done (very few people do this.)

It so happened that there was a minor snag in the unit and it didn't work that very night.

The customer tried to ring me up on Sunday but he could not contact me. There was some goof up in BSNL
and on that day I was not able to make or receive calls in my phone. My office was closed being a holiday.

The next day he contacted my office and told them that he had given stop payment instructions for the cheque and that we could collect a fresh cheque after setting right the unit.

My people were very worried. I told them not to get worried and that the technician should go and set right
the unit first and then talk about the payment.

The job was done, payment collected and the customer wrote to me that he had to act as a precaution.

I wrote back saying that if I were in his shoes I might have done something similar. Customer wrote back saying: I appreciate your thought process.

We should always have empathy and share the feelings of another. If I bought a TV for 50K and it didn't work on the first day, would I not be worried?

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