Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rare gesture by customer...

A customer rang up asking for a particular size of chest cooler.

Since the customer was in a hurry for the product I enquired with my Principals and informed
him that the said product is available and if he ordered it I could get it for him within a day or two.

An hour or two later I again rang up the customer to know the status and also to find out if
I am getting the order.

The customer said that his boss had gone out. Maybe he had gone elsewhere looking for the product.
Don't worry, I shall definitely phone and inform you if you are getting the order or not.

I told him that only one in a hundred customers would voluntarily ring up and give a negative reply.

He said: I know how eager you would be to sell the product. It's my duty to inform you anyways.

A rare gesture indeed!

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