Sunday, March 24, 2013

Repair? Well.........!!!

A customer rang me up yesterday and told me that the compressor of his window air-conditioner
which he purchased in 2004 had failed and he wanted a new compressor.

I've repaired hundreds of air-conditioners, hundreds of induction motors and so on. My career
started with repairing. Then in those days we used to cut open the reciprocating hermetic compressors,
buy freon-resistant wires, rewind the motors inside, weld the compressor and so on. In the late seventies
we were offered the work of repairing of air-conditioner compressors in Chennai by Shriram Refrigeration Industries (now Tecumseh) of Hyderabad for an initial investment of just Rs.10,000. Somehow we didn't
go ahead with that offer.

But today the days are different! I explained to the customer that it may not be worthwhile replacing the
compressor but rather he should buy a new unit!! But the customer was keen on repairing his unit.

I said "Yes, of course I can give you a new compressor". I can even repair your air-conditioner.

After plenty of discussions I offered him the following options from which he could choose what he
wanted. (The bottom line being that I should not only give what he wanted but also get the business!)

(1) Supply a compressor
(2) Repair his unit myself by replacing the compressor
(3) Supply him a good used machine in working condition. (the current jargon is "Pre-owned")
(4) Supply him a new machine with buy-back of his "junk" machine.

He said that he would discuss with his family members and get back to me. Let me see what he does.

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